Southeast Unitarian Universalist Summer Institute
a week long summer camp for UU’s   July 19-25, 2015


Building Bridges in Blacksburg

2015 Director's Welcome

  • 2015 Director's Welcome

    2015 Director's Welcome

    Michael FamilyA long time ago, SUUSI was described to me as a gathering where, for one week a year, a community comes together to do our best to live the very best of what Unitarian Universalism is about.  To me, that centers on our radical acceptance of difference.  Despite our words of welcome, though, living in diverse community is challenging. At SUUSI 2015 we will work together to build bridges across our many differences.

    In our worship, workshops, trips and programs, we will build real relationships.  We will talk, we will sing, we will dance, we will learn, and we will grow.  Some of our time together will entail looking at the many ways in which we are separated as human beings—and building bridges to connect us again.  Our special keynote presentation will start us off with creative and meaningful ways to relate to others.  We will build bridges to the community, too, engaging with the Daily Bread food pantry in nearby Radford.

    This summer, we’ll also be building bridges that we didn’t expect we’d need to as well.  First among those is to the staff and campus at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia, where SUUSI has been before, but which for many of us will be new.  Our move away from Radford was unexpected, but it will provide us a chance to begin building a bridge to the future of SUUSI as well—by asking us to understand that SUUSI is what we make it, and not the place where it happens.

    I’m looking forward to seeing you at SUUSI this summer—whether you’re an old friend or we have yet to meet.  I hope you’ll invite your friends and family—and maybe some people you’d like to get to know better in our diverse and beautiful community.

    With love,

    Michael Tino, Director










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