Southeast Unitarian Universalist Summer Institute
a week long summer camp for UU’s   July 16-22, 2017


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SUUSI uses our online registration system called SOLIS. After you peruse the 2017 catalog, go to SOLIS to register.






Director Michael Tino

[email protected]

Director Elect Annsley Atkin

[email protected]

Assistant to the direct Danielle Gladd

[email protected]

Communications Kim Singleton

[email protected]

Denominational Affairs Amy Carol Webb

[email protected]

Locations & Equipment

Ron Echols
Dana Stubkjaer

[email protected]

Middlers (age 11-13)

Leslie Bennett

[email protected]

Nature Nic Renz
Greg Kramer

[email protected]


Miriam Davidson

[email protected]


Jennifer Sanders

[email protected]

SUUSI Services

Alex Winner

[email protected]

Technology Svcs Alan Jackoway [email protected]

Nate Johnson
Kevin Houck

[email protected]

Treasurer Derrick Peavy [email protected]
Workshops Beth Nicholson [email protected]
Young Adults

Ember Fulson

[email protected]


Joanne Dingus

[email protected]



The 2016 SUUSI catalog including workshop and nature offerings is now available.

If you want you buy a paper catalog, you can get one and it will be delivered to your house in full color! Within the next few days, you will be able to order yours on Amazon or Createspace. 



Click to View the 2016 Edition!

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ingatheringSUUSI is an intentional community, and we make time to build community. We are a diverse mix of ages, philosophies, and interests, and it's stimulating to make new friends as well as meet old buddies at SUUSI each year. About one-third of the 1,000 or so participants are attending SUUSI for the first time, and a special effort is made to build that sense of community with the "newcomers" or "first timers." Each afternoon we gather at Community Time to connect as a group.

SUUSI is a vacation week to grow, relax, play and connect.  Many experience the workshops, expeditions into the Appalachians, music, and the relaxed conversations with new friends as a welcome time of recharge and re-creation before returning to hectic lives a week later. They discover new interests, new ideas, and new friends in an environment that is safe and family-oriented, but also offers opportunities to stretch and accept new challenges.

Some challenges might be physical - if you have never been canoeing or caving, or want to "get into" biking, then SUUSI is a great place to give it a try.

Others discover a deeper understanding of their spirit and emotions, especially through the worship services, theme talks, and workshops. There's also a subtle change that comes from living for a week with 1,000 others who have a wide range of perspectives on politics, food preferences, music, and all the other facets of life. So often, those differences can divide us.

At SUUSI, we create an "intentional community" where we acknowledge our diversity and reconnect with others based on our shared humanity. At the end of a week, our sense of trust and confidence in the inherent goodness of others reaches a new level. The good feeling is often reflected by simple things, such as a willingness to sit at a table with strangers and make friends through casual conversation. We sit down at the table in the cafeteria with people we've never met, start a conversation ("So how did you find out about SUUSI? What did you think about that worship service last night? What's your favorite workshop experience so far at SUUSI?"). By the time a meal is over, tablemates are not strangers. That's part of the SUUSI community magic - could you behave the same way at a regular restaurant? After SUUSI, you may still choose to bury your head in a book when eating alone at a restaurant on a business trip. At SUUSI, however, the sense of "aloneness" tends to fade and the sense of belonging to a supportive community tends to grow. The good feeling from knowing that the strangers are not strange tends to stimulate proposals to extend SUUSI for another week - but the alternative is to extend SUUSI into our "regular" lives, and create more of a sense of community with those who have not attended SUUSI... yet.


The mission of SUUSI is to provide a one week experience evoking the best within us, in concert with Unitarian Universalist principles. SUUSI offers the opportunity to share an intergenerational environment of love, personal freedom, ethics, and joy in an intentional, nonjudgmental community.

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