Southeast Unitarian Universalist Summer Institute
a week long summer camp for UU’s   July 16-22, 2017


Registration is Open


SUUSI uses our online registration system called SOLIS. After you peruse the 2017 catalog, go to SOLIS to register.



Guidelines for Parents and Guardians of Teens

ALL TEENS MUST PROVIDE PROOF OF AGE TO BE IN THE TEEN PROGRAM. Proof of age is a birth certificate or any document that requires a birth certificate to obtain, such as apassport or driver’s license. We require a photocopy of the document, which must be mailed to the Registrar when you register or brought to Check-In on Sunday (see Register for SUUSI). This is for everyone’s safety. 

WITH YOUR TEEN, please read and sign all of the Rules for Teens when registering online or via paper forms. Please Note: The Teen Dorm does not have air-conditioned rooms. Teens occupy suited rooms connected by a bathroom and share a room with one roommate of the same sex.

Have a frank and straightforward discussion with your teen about what expectations you both have for SUUSI.

There is a blank space on the rules form for you to add any additional expectations you have for your teen. Parents and teens need to be aware of SUUSI policy on matters of sex, illegal drugs, alcohol, tobacco and other substances like prescription drugs (see Rules for Teens). Teens also need to know the expectations concerning interactions with others and what contributions they are expected to make to the community.

On Sunday, stop at the Teen Program table at Check-In, and plan to attend the MANDATORY teen/parent/guardian/staff meeting Sunday from 8:30-9pm, following SUUSI-wide Ingathering. This meeting will be followed by the Teen Ingathering which will be from 9-9:45pm. The location for both meetings will be announced in the Arrival NUUS.

Make physical contact with your teen at least once a day. This can be done by meeting for meals or attending SUUSI Evening Worship together, for example. Another good way to have family time at SUUSI is to go on a nature trip or take a workshop as a family. The better you communicate with your teen at SUUSI, the better SUUSI your entire family will have.

All parents/guardians need to understand that they are ultimately responsible for their teen at SUUSI. If for any reason the Teen Director determines that your teen must leave the dorm for any period of time or leave campus for the duration of SUUSI, you will be responsible for housing and transportation.

Communication is key! Be sure to accurately complete all forms and post your schedule on your door at SUUSI, so you can be easily found by staff in an emergency. It helps teen staff to know about any special situations or concerns in advance. If you have any questions or concerns prior to SUUSI, please contact the Teen Directors or in the Teen Dorm during SUUSI. Also, feel free to talk with teen staff at any time during the week. They can usually help or direct you to where you can get assistance. In thinking about scheduling SUUSI for you and your teen, go gently: participating in a variety of activities SUUSI-wide can be great, but many of us have a tendency to try and do everything, all the time. Schedule yourself like a good human: plenty of sleep, awake for most meals, and be sure to leave some time for spontaneous wonder to occur!


The SUUSI Teen Program is an intense community experience for people ages 14 to 17. Adult staff and teen leaders (older teens elected to lead their community during the previous SUUSI) work together to create a fun, safe and healthy place for teens to explore and grow.

The week is focused around large and small group interactions, where UU principles are developed and practiced. Each new day brings

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Teens are always encouraged to participate with the wider SUUSI community, but for the most part the Teen dorm is the center of all teen life. This is where we share worship, space, laughter, tears, hugs, ideas, music, and games.
The Teen dorm is a very busy place with some sort of activity going on at all hours of the day and night.

The degree to which a teen participates is up to the teen and his or her parent(s) or guardian(s). Each day, teens can decide how to spend their time, but they are required to attend their touch group meetings, the evening’s activity, and 1am check-in. They are also strongly encouraged to attend a workshop or activity each day.

Teens are not required to live in the dorm, but teens not living in the dorm must be with their parent(s)/ guardian(s) during curfew hours (1am - 6am). If a teen decides to stay with his or her parent(s)/guardian(s) during curfew hours or if he or she will miss a required meeting for any reason (nature trip, workshop, etc) staff needs to be notified in advance.
For everyone’s safety, the only entrance and exit is through the front door. Parents/ guardians are encouraged to stop by at any time.


What once began as an informal performance is now a full-fledged theatrical extravaganza!

Location: Porterfield Theater Hours: Two performances, Friday 7 pm and 9 pm

TWOB began in a student lounge at Radford. The first TWOB was "Hair" and was performed on July 30, 1987, in the Highlander Room at Radford University. Who knows, one day it may be listed on the National Register of Historic Places...

Year after year,

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