Southeast Unitarian Universalist Summer Institute
a week long summer camp for UU’s   July 16-22, 2017


Registration is Open


SUUSI uses our online registration system called SOLIS. After you peruse the 2017 catalog, go to SOLIS to register.


New This Year! SUUSI Keynote Presentation, Monday at 10 a.m.!

Spiritual Prep for Crossing Cultural Bridges, Dr. Mark A. Hicks, Director of the Fahs Collaborative Laboratory for Faith Formation and MacLean Professor of Religious Education, Meadville Lombard Theological School

Crossing a bridge to another cultural location can be exciting and daunting at the same time.  As people of faith from a diversity of cultural and theological expressions, we must constantly learn new habits of head, heart and hand to be relevant and inclusive to people and experiences we don’t readily understand.  Come hear some of the exciting, transformative ways this community gathered at SUUSI can spend the week engaged with that process.

Dr. Mark A. Hicks is a “transformative religious educator” who is using creativity, imagination, collaboration and the arts to tear down barriers that divide the human family.  His most recent curriculum, “Beloved Conversations:  Meditations on Race and Ethnicity” has launched in over 40 congregations, reinvigorating their work on Building Beloved Community. 

Monday 7 pm Worship Service, House of Love, Rev. Meg Barnhouse

How do we create a house of love in our congregations? Meg will speak and sing about living our UU values with peace and passion. And just a bit of sarcasm, because she can't help it.

Meg Barnhouse is the Sr. Minister of the First UU Church of Austin, Texas.  She is nationally known as a speaker, singer-songwriter, and author. Married to singer-songwriter Kiya Heartwood, mother of two sons and grandmother of two beauties, she and her family have been to SUUSI over 20 times.


Tuesday 9 am Worship Service, Between Our Divisions, Rev. Kimi Riegel 

What keeps us apart?  The reality of difference - we struggle against it and it is our greatest gift. 

Kimi Riegel as has been a minister for 24 years and is a mom and wife. Enjoying the ride!

Tuesday 7 pm Worship Service, Salvation from Gephyrophobia, Rev. Dawn Cooley

Bridges send some of us into a panic. Even metaphorical bridges. What does our faith offer that helps us to confront our fear?

Rev. Dawn Skjei Cooley is the minister of First Unitarian Church in Louisville, Ky. She grew up in Fairfax County, VA and remembers coming to summer camp at VA Tech during middle school and is glad to be returning for her first SUUSI. Prior to Louisville, Dawn and her family lived in Minneapolis, MN for ten years, where she graduated from seminary in 2004. Though not a competitive skater anymore, Dawn enjoyed her time skating as “Liv Fearless” for Louisville's Derby City Roller Girls and has not yet found a hobby that can quite compare to roller derby.


Wednesday 9 am Worship Service, A Highway to Nowhere, A BRIDGE to opportunity, Rev. David Carl Olson

In the wake of the Baltimore Uprising, communities are asking how we might get back to normal. But what if “normal” was entirely unacceptable? Rev. David Carl Olson reflects on events this year in Selma, Alabama and Baltimore, Maryland.

Rev. David Carl Olson is Minister of First Unitarian Church of Baltimore, and a leader of the sponsoring committee for a new congregation-based community organization in Maryland which will unite communities of faith in the struggle for racial and economic justice.

Wednesday 7 pm Worship Service led by Rev. Pat Jobe

Rev. Pat Jobe is the minister of South Carolina's largest UU congregation, and the fifth biggest church on his road. He has led the Greenville Congregation for six years and often speaks at other UU congregations. His SUUSI worship service will focus on "Who or what brought you to the dance?" He will tell of his own intersection with Unitarian Dr. Seuss and ask all of us how we became the wild and wonderful free-thinkers we are today. Miriam Davidson plans to help with the music, so plan to have the house rocked.

Thursday 9 am Worship Service led by Rev. Donna Renfro

Thursday 7 pm Worship Service, Bridge of Size, Rev. Chip Roush

We'll celebrate new babies, mourn lost loved ones, and honor transitions into adulthood.

Rev. Chip Roush serves the First Unitarian Church of South Bend, Indiana. He has been to SUUSI five times before, and loves it more each time.

Friday 9 am Worship Service, Baby, It’s Cold Outside: A Bridge to the Other 51 Weeks, Rev. Amy Carol Webb

Why can’t the whole world be like SUUSI?!” our boys wailed as we drove away from our first one seventeen SUUSI’s ago. Well ... why can’t it? How do we build a bridge from “in here” to “out there!?

Amy Carol Webb is a SUUSI-grown UU minister, serving the River of Grass Unitarian Universalist Congregation in Davie, Florida. As a performing songwriter and music educator with ten CD’s to her name, her music and writings are used by many congregations, and she’s a Skinner House author. She first came to SUUSI with her family as a Concert Performer in 1999.

Friday 8 pm Worship, Earth-Centered Service, Laura M.

Laura M was called to the earth-centered path as a teenager. After years of eclectic practice, she entered the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids (OBOD) in 2014. She has been a co-coordinator of the earth-centered group in Norfolk since 2005.

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