Southeast Unitarian Universalist Summer Institute
a week long summer camp for UU’s   July 16-22, 2017


Registration is Open


SUUSI uses our online registration system called SOLIS. After you peruse the 2017 catalog, go to SOLIS to register.


an idea on a prayer flag, make a micro-garden, and observe the awesome diversity of 1200+ UU’s.


To keep you on your toes (and for better scheduling) we’ve switched around a few of the elemental theme days for the week since the Confirmation NUUS. Here’s the updated master plan:

·         Monday – Water Day

·         Tuesday - Earth Day

·         Wednesday – Sky Day

·         Thursday – Sun Day & Community Craft Fare

·         Friday – Spirit Day

One supero neato new thing this year is a Question Board. 

Did you maybe see the Q board outside Check-in?  Later today, we’ll move it to the community time zone. Grab the chalk & respond during Community Time or any other time of the day. But … be quick, each day, there will be a new question for you to noodle on and answer via words, drawing, or wherever the chalk leads you. Checkout the NUUS each day for a preview of the daily question.

Pretty Please: Radford has asked us to not use any chalk on the sidewalks, though. So keep those chatty chalky responses on the board. Thanks!

See you on the lawn!

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