Southeast Unitarian Universalist Summer Institute
a week long summer camp for UU’s   July 16-22, 2017


Registration is Open


SUUSI uses our online registration system called SOLIS. After you peruse the 2017 catalog, go to SOLIS to register.



Your SUUSI experience is not complete unless you take time to commune with nature in the wide variety of treasures you’ll find in Southwest Virginia and the New River valley.  Your Nature Staff offers experiences in Adventure, Hiking, Aquatics and Discovery, with difficulties ranging from the very gentle to the strenuous.  Departure and return times for many trips are scheduled to allow you to fully experience SUUSI’s worship and entertainment opportunities. For parents of children in the Youth program, extended childcare hours are available to allow you to participate more easily

Nature trips get us out in the natural world to experience biodiversity. We have a wide variety of experiences to offer, with about 90 trips on our schedule offering expeditions at all hours of the day and night. We have added new trips for 2015, including more family friendly ones. We have also brought back some of the old favorites. Whether you are attending SUUSI for the first-time or a veteran, we think there's a Nature trip on our schedule just calling you.

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naturewaterKIDS ARE WELCOME!! Register the kids too, whatever their age, if you want them to join you on a trip. Everyone on a trip has to register. Be sure each child and each adult signs up for a trip, so we can ensure there's a seat belt for everyone in the vans and handle other logistics. In Virginia, car seats are required for all children under 8 years old. Please bring the car seat to the Nature tent when you arrive for your trip.

The minimum age requirement is 14 years of age to take a Nature trip unless otherwise noted. To help you decipher the trip descriptions: 0+ means anyone can go, 12+ means anyone at least 12 years old at SUUSI registration can go, etc. The trips we have designated "Family Friendly" are open to families with children less than 14 years old. We encourage adults without children to participate in these trips, too, as the younger folks add a special element of fun to every trip.

keenAquatic Trips

"Approved immersible footwear" is the type of shoe required on Aquatic Trips. They will not slip off when we walk through a stream. They will not fall off when we are in the river. They won't fall off when we hike through grass covered with wet dew and our shoes get soaked. To ensure our safety, we require that everyone on a Nature Trip wear shoes that stay on your feet, provide ankle support, protection and grip. Tied athletic shoes are acceptable. Hiking boots are OK (except for aquatics trips), and for some circumstances in canoes and kayaks, some specialized booties are OK. We do not allow any "slip on" shoes.

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