Southeast Unitarian Universalist Summer Institute
a week long summer camp for UU’s   July 16-22, 2017


youthclosingcircleA big SUUSI shout out to all Youth ages 0-10! We have a great SUUSI 2017 planned for you. In addition to all your favorites; art, tie-dye, music, morning classes with old friends and new friends, we have some great new afternoon workshops. Do you want to be a fashion designer? Try our “Project Runway” workshop. Do you love to see things fly into the air? Try our “Catapults” class. Do you love to swim? Sign up for our Thursday afternoon trip to the WCU swimming pool.
New this year for our 9’s, they will take a trip to a local berry patch where they will get to pick their own basket of fresh berries. We discovered the 10’s trip last year to Skinny Dip Falls was a big hit but it didn’t last long enough. So, we’ve extended the hours this year to make it extra fun.

The Youth and Middler dance was so popular last year that we have decided to split the groups up and give Youth and Middlers their own nights.

We also discovered last year that bringing some of our special activities to our youngest youth worked well. We are working on some mini-workshops to bring to our 4-5’s this year.
Who are we looking for on our Youth Staff? Perhaps you were a SUUSI Youth once yourself and remember how much fun you had. Maybe your kids grew up in the program and you want to make the experience special for this generation, too. Or you might have a talent or interest that fits perfectly with one of our workshops.
Wanted: Music teacher for SUUSI Youth program. You must be able to be there each morning. You don’t have to be a professional musician. We are looking for someone with energy and enthusiasm and a great sense of fun. Can you lead silly camp songs? Clapping games? Do you love to get your silly on? This job could be for you!
You can apply for all youth staff positions at

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