2020 SUUSI Catalog

 SUUSI 2020 Catalog - Kaleidoscope
SUUSI 2020 Catalog March 17 2020


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Message from the Director

SUUSI attendees have a dizzying array of options to choose from: housing, workshops, nature trips, activities, people to talk to and spend time with. All of us have access to the same options but everyone ends up with a completely unique week.

Putting together a SUUSI is much like a kaleidoscope. Within it are all of the same different colored pieces, and yet each person can turn it to create a new work of art. The kaleidoscope of SUUSI takes all of us and forms a unique experience every year.

Please join us at SUUSI 2020: Kaleidoscope in July. We will gather on the beautiful campus of Western Carolina University from July 19 to July 25. Be a part of the beautiful art we will make together while designing a week that is as special as you are.

Jennifer Sanders, Director