Chicken Soup for SUUSIships

3 years ago today Rev. Amy Carol Webb married Marcia Slosser and Sandy Ogletree on a grassy courtyard at Virginia Tech.  Marcia has written up the story of how Sandy and Marcia met and their story up to their marriage.  The story, “Love Can Be Difficult”, was published this June in a copy of Chicken Soup for the Soul: Miracle of Love.  Chicken Soup graciously promotes fund-raisers by selling a case of 20 books to organizations, like SUUSI, for $5 per book, and the books sell for $15.  When you buy your book at the SUUSI Bookstore, you are donating $10 to SUUSIships.  What better way to celebrate their anniversary, and their 16+ years at SUUSI than to buy the book.  Hurry, while there are still some left!  And if you can catch Marcia, she’ll promise to carry around a pen and sign it for you.


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