Come this Summer!

Director’s Welcome

image of a smiling woman seated at a desk, holding a chalice with a plant growing in it
Annsley Atkin, Director

SUUSI means different things to different people Many say it is “like coming home” and others refer to it as a “New Year celebration.” I want to personally invite you to join us for one week in the majestic mountains of North Carolina at SUUSI 2018. As Unitarian Universalists, we are welcoming of all and hope you will find a home at SUUSI this year. We will be surrounded by nature and the love of our intentional community and UU values. We offer a wide variety of activities — there is never a dull moment at SUUSI.

This year’s theme was one that came from song lyrics written by one our own SUUSI attendees, Greg Greenway. Greg writes, “Lately I’ve been thinking of the power of a moment, when anything is possible and everyone is present.” He goes on to say, “This is the light I carry. Tonight is a celebration.” We each carry our own light throughout the year, but for one week we bring them all together and anything is possible in this moment! Be sure to bring the light you carry and join us at SUUSI on July 15th so we can evoke the best within you.

Annsley Atkin, Director, SUUSI 2018