Community Time: Wednesday

Remember to bring your white shirts, etc. to Community Time today if you signed up for TIE DYE! If you didn’t get in on the tie dye train, we’ve got PLENTY of other fun stuff for you to do instead. Maybe today’s the day you try out the conversation UUnicorn and meet someone new, or get a sharpie or mehndi tattoo. You can decorate a paper quilt square to reflect SUUSI’s theme, or create an anonymous PostSecret-type postcard ( or take advantage of the last opportunity to paint a SUUSI Kindness Rock. If none of that tickles your fancy, you can hang out and listen to the open mic (weather permitting, of course!)

For the sports fans, we’ll be having a soccer juggling contest and nerf target practice. There’s something for EVERYONE, every single day at Community Time, so come join the fun! Look for the week’s schedule of Community Time activities posted in the dorms, dining hall, etc. to see some fun things we have planned!

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