Craig, adult attendee

craig suusiI’ve done a lot of things at SUUSI– delivered worship, met great musicians, taught geocaching, played frisbee golf, learned sign language, made fresh mozzarella, and made lots of new friends–but two years ago, I helped start the SUUSI gaming room, Pair-a-Dice.

You never know who is going to show up in Pair-a- Dice. Some times, it’s really quiet with only a other and child playing a game in the corner. Other times, the room is full–every table full of people and some folks even playing games on the available floor space. I love introducing a new game to folks and watching it become their new favorite. Every day, you can see people, young and old, around a table for a game. Everyone has their favorite game, and we’ve got a game for every person. I’m a big fan of the cooperative games, where everyone works together and we all win or lose together. (Though I do play a mean game of Munchkin or CLANK!)

Last year, an older couple checked out a game from the library for “just one game” and they ended up playing for four hours. They came back the next day and played the same game for another few hours. I asked them who won when they left and they said, “Oh, we don’t keep score.”

I’ve been coming to SUUSI for years, but I’ve gotten to know people better in Pair-a-Dice than anywhere else. If I’m not in Pair-a-Dice, you will probably find me in the SUUSI store (listening to mini-concerts or demoing some games), at Community Time (decorating rubber duckies or playing Happy Salmon), or in the cafeteria (drinking a glass of chocolate milk)

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