SUUSI Board Candidates

Each year at SUUSI we elect one adult and one youth to the Board. This year’s adult candidates are Angel Wall, Dave VanCamp, and Karen Gonzalez. Spike Purcell is running for youth rep. Candidate bios are below.

We invite and encourage all SUUSI attendees to attend the Adult Candidate Forum to be held on Wed. night from 5:15-6:15 in Coulter Recital Hall. The candidates will be introducing themselves, telling about their interest in Board service and answering questions from the SUUSI community. This is the first time in a long while that there has been a Candidate Forum at SUUSI. We really hope this is a great success so please come exercise the Fifth Principle!


Karen Gonzalez

After 26 years of SUUSI reunions, I am pleased to say that I’d like to now serve my beloved community as a board member. Over the years I have worked on youth, TWOB and registration staffs and served as Housing Coordinator. I credit SUUSI for having helped Gary and I raise two clever little girls into the magnificent women that they are today. I am grateful that this community has deepened my faith. You are the glue that makes all things possible and keeps me whole. I would be honored to work on your behalf and give back, so please vote for me to represent you on the SUUSI board. 


David VanCamp

My name is David VanCamp and I am running for the open seat on the SUUSI Board of Directors. I am a business owner, husband, father and member of the UU Fellowship of Boca Raton, FL. I majored in musical theater at the University of Florida, I enjoy sports, music, drumming and own a communications/technology business in South Florida.  In the last few years at our fellowship I have been a board member, sang in the choir, was the Founder and Director of the Florida Earth Festival, was the LGBTQ outreach coordinator and recently ran an 8-hour music festival that raised money to send a bus full of kids to the “March On Washington”. I have been attending SUUSI for the last 8-9 years with my wife, Lynn, and 14 year old daughter, Genevieve. While at SUUSI, it has been my honor to lead the iconic singing group, the SUUSI boyz, the volleyball tournament, volunteering for Star Car, the community service project, nature trips and running a few other workshops over the years. I believe SUUSI is one of those rare places where all are free to be themselves and should be encouraged to do so. I am running for SUUSI Board because I believe I have the skills and talent that will benefit SUUSI. I am a hard worker and want to do my part and be a more integral part of this amazing intentional community. Thank you for your consideration.


Angel Wall

My name is Angel and I’ve been coming SUUSI for 15 years. As an adult I came back in 2005 and have worked passionately with the teens in the teen dorm and have continued to work with them for the last 12 years. Working with the teens in the Teen dorm and in  this community as a whole I have become a better and more well-rounded person. Being a part of the SUUSI community means the world to me. If it weren’t for SUUSI don’t think I would have the confidence to take on leadership roles as I have in my everyday life. 

When not in this community, I have worked with the elderly getting them things they need to better their lives. I work with young children who are disadvantaged in education, and strive to make their educational experiences positive and rewarding.
When I take on a new task or role I put my whole heart into it and give it my all to the best of my ability. I’m quick to learn new things and willing to take up a new challenge at any opportunity.
I’m compassionate, hardworking and kind. I’ll do everything in my power to make sure that my time on board is well spent, and my actions are used for the better of this community. 

Youth Rep – Spike Purcell

Hi I’m Spike Purcell and I’m running for youth rep. I am from Roanoke Virginia and am here for my tenth SUUSI and first year on staff. I have had a great time as a teen leader and as my time in the teen dorm is coming to a close I believe teen rep is a great way to give back to the community.


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