Departure Instructions

Packing Up

Please make sure you take ALL of your belongings. Check and double check.

When you leave your room, it should be completely empty. Make sure you check lounges and kitchens for items you might have stored there during the week.

For every item of yours, either:

  • Pack it.
  • Throw it out in the dumpsters behind each dorm.
  • Place usable but unwanted objects in the donation bin by the check-out table in your dorm. SUUSI will donate them to a local facility.
  • Ship it home AT YOUR EXPENSE.

Trash and Recycling

  • Put trash in dumpster behind dorm.
  • Put recyclable materials in appropriate containers.
  • Do not leave any trash in wastebaskets.
  • Make sure you have not left trash in the lounges or kitchens.

Your Dorm Room

  • All furniture must be returned to the original location in the assigned room.
  • The level of the bed mattresses must be the same when you leave as when you arrived. Your beds were un-bunked when you arrived, and they must be un-bunked when you leave.
  • Be careful of the floor and walls as you move furniture to avoid costly damage.
  • Room damage charges from WCU to SUUSI will be passed on to you.

Key and Card Return

The tags attached to the keys must remain on the key, for this is how we identify them. Lost and unidentifiable keys will be charged at $50.

Defaced cards cannot be reused, and you will be charged $35 for the damaged card. Lanyards are yours to keep, or place in a bin near the check-out desk for a craft project.

WCU Conference Assistants will be stationed in the lobbies of your building, between 8am and 11am on Saturday.  If you would like to ensure that your card and key are checked back into the system, thereby avoiding charges, see the assistant in person to return your key and card.

If you are unable to do this,  drop your key into the box located  in the lobby of your residence hall. Take a picture of yourself returning items to the box.

Make sure family members (teens, etc.) in other dorms have done the same. Teens can also turn their keys and cards in to the Teen Directors.

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