Early Registration deadline approaches

924 people have already completed their registration for SUUSI 2018: The Light I Carry. Are you one of them? We hope so, because each of them got a $50 Early Registration Discount – you really don’t want to miss out on that! Wednesday, May 23 is the last day that the discount will be applied. If you’ve been meaning to register for SUUSI, now is definitely the time.
Still considering your options, and want to learn more? The 2018 Catalog is your one-stop information source.
Incidentally, in addition to the lucky 924, another 56 people have started a registration but have not yet gone back to complete it. Are you in this group, by any chance? Your registration needs to be completed by May 23 in order to receive the discount, so consider this your friendly reminder to finish what you started!

2 thoughts on “Early Registration deadline approaches”

  1. I am trying to register in time – by today, May 23. My computer says, “Early Deadline is OVER.”” ?????????

    • Sorry! That’s just a countdown piece of software, which we apparently worded incorrectly. You will still be able to get the discount in SOLIS.


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