For Youth and their Parents

With more than 100 kids aged 0-10 registered for SUUSI 2018, we’re expecting the Youth program to be hopping with excitement every day! Check your confirmation packet for a letter from your child’s Age Group Leader. It will have essential information about their class schedule, such as trips, water play, and tie dyeing.

  • Be sure to stop at the Youth table at Sunday Check-in. We’ll give you information about the week ahead and supply you with your children’s nametags and (for younger children) meal wristbands. Our Youth Communication Coordinator will also sign you up for age-group texts.
  • One parent/guardian must attend the mandatory parent meeting held on Monday morning from 9-9:30am in the youth building (Killian).
  • Youth staff hosts an optional open house on Sunday afternoon from 3:30-4:30pm. All are welcome to drop by Killian to visit the classrooms and meet the SUUSI Youth Staff. If you think your child might be nervous about drop-off on Monday, this is a great chance to preview people and places.
  • In your Check-in packet, you’ll find a participant locator form. Post it on your dorm room door so that Youth staff can always find you in an emergency. If all parents/guardians are going to be off campus for a trip, name an alternate adult emergency contact for your child. Post that information on your door and notify your child’s Age Group Leader.

YOUTH program hours

Youth program hours run from 9am-noon and from 2-4pm. You may check in your child beginning 15 minutes before each session, and to accommodate parents’ workshop schedules we allow pickup up to 15 minutes after each session. Some afternoon workshops have different start times – be sure to check your child’s schedule.

At lunchtime, children 8 and under must be picked up and dropped off by a responsible adult or older sibling. Nine and ten-year-olds can sign themselves out for lunch, but are expected to go directly to meet their adults at the dining hall. Note that self-checkout doesn’t apply at the end of the day! An adult must pick all children up.

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