Friday Worship

Friday Morning Worship: Taking It With You

Our gathered SUUSI community transforms a college campus into a sacred space on holy ground. In our final full day, it’s time to begin to turn our thoughts homeward. How can we take SUUSI home with us?

The Rev. Dave Dunn is the minister of the UU Metro Atlanta North Congregation in Roswell, Georgia. Although it is a small instrument, he claims to have lost a large portion of his college GPA in a harmonica.

Evening Worship: Come Into The Circle

Come into the circle of sacred space, the circle of love and justice, the circle where you belong. Our annual earth-relating service invites you to nurture, celebrate and honor the relationships you have with the land and people around you. We will create a sacred container and generate energy. Bring that energy back with you to the sacred places you call home.

The Rev. Amy Beltaine is a traveling spiritual director providing Sunday services, retreats, and spiritual mentoring. A graduate of Meadville Lombard Theological School, Amy is on the steering committee of the UU Spiritual Directors’ network. Amy is a nearly life-long earth honoring process panentheist, and recent President of the Covenant of UU Pagans (CUUPS). Amy aspires to become a Love-Ninja.

Mary Ann Somervill has followed a Pagan path for over 25 years. She is one of the founding members of the Blue Ridge Spirit CUUPS chapter  at the Asheville UU Congregation. Over the years she has led many rituals at SUUSI and SWIM.


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