Board of Trustees

Image of SUUSI Board of Trustees

SUUSI is governed by a Board of Trustees. It is the Board’s responsibility to safeguard SUUSI’s financial health, and to plan for SUUSI’s future, and to make policies ensuring that SUUSI fulfills its mission. Members of the Board serve three-year terms. Each year at SUUSI, one adult Board representative is elected by the adult participants of SUUSI, and one teen Board representative is elected by participants aged 6-17. Two other adult representatives are appointed each year by the Board.

If you are interested in running for the Board or would like to nominate someone, please be sure to stop by the SUUSI Office during SUUSI to fill out the nomination form before the 10:00 AM Tuesday deadline.  Contact for more information.

The current SUUSI Board consists of:

Wilson Farrell, President
Paul Langrock, Vice President
Kim Breivogel, Secretary
Derrick Peavy, Treasurer
Cate Farrell, Senior Youth Rep
Spike Purcell, Junior Youth Rep
Jay Camp
Cameron Allen
Kim Breivogel
Bill Neely
Kimi Riegel
Angel Wall
Karen Gonzolez
Jennifer Sanders, Director (ex-officio)
Annsley Atkin, Outgoing Director (ex-officio)


The SUUSI Foundation

The SUUSI Foundation inc., is a 501c3 non profit established by the SUUSI board for the preservation of SUUSI. The SUUSI Foundation is a supporting organization of SUUSI and is the fundraising organization for SUUSI, SUUSIships and the SUUSI Endowment. 

The bylaws and policies which govern SUUSI are attached below.

SUUSI Policy 2018-01-27  (PDF)       SUUSI Bylaws 2015-07-18 (PDF)

SUUSI Core Staff and Key Contacts