Helen, adult attendee

Helen, adult attendee

Helen shares some memories that made a deep impression on her, at a recent SUUSI

“Silent Walk,” just before dawn on Monday morning. What a great way to start the week at SUUSI. Meditative walking alone and in little groups, smiling at each other as we passed by in silence, watching the sun rise, watching ducks and geese and turtles in the water, and then back to campus for breakfast.

Joe Jenck’s “Making the Most of Your Voice.” About 20 of us, with varying levels of singing and music experience, gathered in the afternoons for group vocal exercises and singing, shared stories, and for those who wished, individual vocal coaching. By the end of the week, Joe had us singing together as a group – a true “pop-up” chorale. For Cabaret on the last night, we performed “Dona Nobis Pacem” as a 3-part round and “We Would be One,” the latter with a reading by one of our members. There was something magical about the way we were able to bring our individual voices came together as one, in such a short time.

Community Time in the afternoon. My volunteer job was to make little snow cones for everyone, one per customer per day, from toddlers to senior citizens. Forget organic, forget natural flavors and colors – these were the screaming red/blue/yellow/ colors of the classic snow cone, with a couple dye-free alternatives thrown in. (But the portions were tiny, so the likelihood of any harm coming to anyone from eating even one a day was equally tiny.)

Heart, soul, and mind-stirring talks and readings at the worship service. Listening to SUUSI musicians jamming together in the afternoons, just for the fun of it. Musicians and storytellers in the bookstore in the afternoon. Spending one afternoon at a brewery in Sylva, sampling the wares and eating an excellent hamburger. People just hanging out on campus during Community time, enjoying low-key pastimes until dinner time and evening activities begin.

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