Welcome to SUUSI 2018!!

Welcome to the new SUUSI.org home page. Optimized for mobile phones, this site will be updated daily throughout SUUSI 2018. Feedback welcomed at [email protected]!

Alerts & Deadlines
  • SUUSI 2018 Packing – do not forget Linens, Towels, and Pillows – sheets need to be Twin XL. If internet is important, bring an Ethernet Cable as WiFi is not reliable. See full packing list here.
  • Check-in for SUUSI 2018 begins at 10am on Sunday, July 15 in the Bardo Arts Center at Western Carolina University!
  • Check-in closes at 5pm sharp! If you arrive later than 5pm, you will not be able to check in until Monday 8am, and you will not have a room/eat in the dining hall. If you discover on Sunday that you are going to be delayed arriving at SUUSI, please contact Registrar (Connie Moore): 540-226-5736.
  • SUUSI confirmations have been sent out. Please log into SOLIS to review your confirmation packet and identify any outstanding fees or forms. Read the Confirmation NUUS for important updates and reminders.
  • SUUSI Onsite registration will be available for those who did not register in advance! Come any time between 10am and 5pm on Sunday to join us at SUUSI 2018!
Contact Information

Registrar/late arrival (Connie Moore): 540-226-5736

WCU on call (lockouts, plumbing): (828) 226-3292

Minister on Duty: 828-200-9114

Star Car: 828-200-1918

SUUSI Office: 828-565-2420

SUUSI Staff: Names and Emails

SOLIS (to manage registration): solis.suusi.org

List of Key Locations on GoogleMaps

Sunday Schedule at a Glance

SUUSI Sunday Schedule (July 15th)

Items marked with MANDATORY: {name of group} means the meeting is mandatory for those groups.

Week at a Glance

Event Time Location
Check-in is open 10am-5pm Bardo Arts Center
Newcomer Tours (Workshops #290 & #291) 2-2:30pm &
Nature Tent
Youth Program open house (NOTE: MANDATORY YOUTH PARENT MEETING Monday 9:00-9:30am, Killian) 3:30-4:30pm Killian Building
MANDATORY: Workshop Leaders Check-in 4pm-6pm Blue Ridge Crossover Lounge
MANDATORY: Middler parents & 13-year-olds 5pm Illusions Lounge, University Center
First SUUSI meal 5-7:30pm Courtyard Dining Hall
Banner Parade 6:45pm Central Plaza
Ingathering & Opening Circle 7-8:30pm Bardo Arts Center
MANDATORY: Teen & Teen Parent Meeting 8:30pm Bardo Arts Center
Cabaret Open Mic night 9pm-midnight Coulter Recital Hall
MANDATORY: Childcare Co-op meeting 9:30pm Blue Ridge Crossover Lounge
Ballroom Dance Hour 9:30-10:30pm Grand Ballroom, University Center
Serendipity (21+ dance) 10:30-1am Grand Ballroom, U.C.
CACHE (14+ dance) 11pm-1am Illusions Lounge, U.C.
BBQUUSI 1am-3:30am Between U.C. & Coulter
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Sunday Check In Steps

Check-in will be open from 10am-5pm on Sunday, July 15, in the lobby of the Bardo Arts Center.

Plan for Check-in to take about an hour. This means you should try to arrive by 4pm so that you can be finished by 5!

  1. When you arrive on campus, follow the posted “SUUSI” signs.
  2. Park where you’re directed, or let the person directing traffic know you need disabled parking.
  3. Know the name of your family’s primary registrant.
  4. Pick up your registration packet. It’s full of essential information, including schedules and a specialized SUUSI map, so make sure you read it!
  5. Proceed along the lobby visiting the stations listed on your registration packet. This may include the cashier (for payments and required forms) and age-group tables (if you have youth, teens, etc.). Note: there are a few mandatory meetings listed on the schedule for parents/guardians of under 18 year olds.
  6. WCU will provide you with a nylon badge holder with a neck strap with a WCU-printed label, but this is not your SUUSI name tag, which can be found in your registration packet. SUUSI name tags are color-coded by age and are required for admission into SUUSI spaces. Please wear your name tag throughout the week.
  7. Get your room key and swipe card (for the cafeteria) from WCU staff. Do not punch a hole or label it with a marker and do not remove the round paper tag from the room key, or you will get charged a fee.
  8. Children 6 and under do not get swipe cards or name tags; they get wristbands at the youth table.
  9. Have your photo taken for the Mugbook, our participant directory.
Sunday Move In Steps
  1. When you finish Check-in, bring your car around to the Move In-Move Out zone closest to your dorm. Check the SUUSI map (there is also one in your packet) – Move In lots are marked with a star.
  2. Unload your car, leaving your belongings in a pile to be guarded by our Move-In staff.
  3. Move your car to the long-term parking lot (lots 9, 10, 12).
  4. Return to the dorm on foot and relay your belongings up to your room.
  5. After moving in, meet your neighbors, take a tour of campus, grab dinner at the dining hall and plan on joining us for the Banner Parade and Ingathering! At 6:45pm Sunday, we’ll gather in the Central Plaza by the Dining Hall for our opening Banner Parade, which will take us all to Bardo Arts center for our Ingathering Ceremony.
Tips and Tricks for Check In/Move In

Check-in/move in can be crowded and hectic, especially if you arrive late in the day and if you’re stressed out from a long trip.

A few reminders for making check-in/Move in easier on everyone:

  • Plan your travel so that you will arrive in time to check in before 5. Make sure to allow extra time for traffic delays.*
  • Move your hugs and conversations out of the flow of traffic.
  • Be ready to offer a hand to people who look new, lost, or confused. Help them find the Newcomers table.
  • Be patient with your all-volunteer SUUSI staff as they do their best to meet everyone’s needs.
  • Wheeled carts and wagons are useful for Move-In! If you bring a cart and are willing to share it with others, ask the move-in staff to help you label it with your name and room number.
  • The move-in staff cannot leave their areas to carry your belongings to the dorms, but all able-bodied participants are encouraged to keep an eye out for those who may need help with their belongings.

* If you arrive later than 5pm, you cannot be checked in until 8am Monday morning. You will have to arrange your own dinner and housing for Sunday night. If circumstances beyond your control prevent you from arriving before 5pm, contact the registrar, Connie Moore, at 540-226-5736.

NEW/Reminders for SUUSI 2018
  • WIFI does not need passwords; however, the Wifi is spotty. It is recommended to bring Ethernet cables if internet access is important
  • All workshop leaders must check in with Beth Nicholson (Workshops Coordinator) between 4 and 6pm Sunday at the Blue ridge Crossover Lounge
  • There will be a special tour of the dining hall at 4pm on Sunday for those with food allergies.
  • WCU policy does not allow smoking or vaping inside any buildings on campus. The no-smoking policy extends 50 feet from every building. Smoking and vaping are not allowed in the seating area outside the dining hall, on balconies, or in the courtyard between Blue Ridge and Balsam dorms.
  • Serendipity will no longer accept cash on site; instead, buy drink tickets at the SUUSI store or Artisans Bazaar.
  • Every evening, you’ll receive an email from SOLIS notifying you of everything you’re signed up for the following day. Locations will be current as of that night.