Housing & Dining


Meals at SUUSI will be provided in the dining facilities of Western Carolina University. The first meal is dinner on Sunday night (before Banner Parade and Ingathering) and the last is breakfast on Saturday morning. SUUSI staff work closely with the food services staff at WCU to try to assure a sufficient variety for any special dietary needs, which can be noted when you register for SUUSI.

The anticipated mealtimes (see the SUUSI NUUS for confirmation and/or changes) are

Breakfast        6:30-9am

Lunch            11am-2pm

Dinner           5-7:30 pm

The dining hall can be crowded at peak dining hours—we encourage you to dine early or late if your schedule and body permit it. Boxed lunches are also available for carry-out.

If you have questions or concerns, contact us at [email protected]

Housing Options

When you register, you will be given several choices of housing options to choose from.

Here’s a quick guide to making the right choice for you and your family.

Families with Children

Families with children age 13 and under must choose either the Child Care Co-op or Family (Non Co-op) housing. See the For Families With Kids section for more information on these housing options.


Teens (ages 14-17) may choose to stay in the Teen Dorm, where they will be housed in a room with another teen of the same gender. Teens can request a roommate or a roommate will be assigned. Teens are not required to live in the dorm, but teens not living in the dorm must be housed with their parent(s)/guardian(s) in family housing (either in the co-op or not). Teens staying in family housing are required to purchase a bed, and must be under the parent/guardian’s supervision during curfew hours (1-6am). The Teen Dorm is not air-conditioned, and is thus less expensive.

Young Adult & Median Housing

Young Adults (ages 18 to 25) can choose to stay in the Young Adult Dorm. Anyone between 18 and 25 is welcome to participate in Young Adult activities, whether or not you are staying in Young Adult housing. 

The Medians were created as an age-inclusive extension of the Young Adult program. It is a space for people ages 21-and-up who root their SUUSI experience in fellowship and shared experiences. 

Nature Staff

The Nature Staff Dorm is for people who are on Nature staff and their families. The Nature staff will be housed within one of the adult dorms.


All SUUSI participants ages 18 and up (who are not bringing children under 14) may choose to live in an Adult Dorm. We are not designating quiet and loud spaces this year; all dorms are expected to adhere to guidelines for a respectful community.

Off-Campus Housing

Of course, you are also welcome to make arrangements for your own housing in a hotel or a campground. If so, when registering, just note that you are staying off campus & we will not assign housing for you.

Internet & Phone Access

WCU has free wireless Internet access in the buildings, and some places outside, too. Dorm rooms have Ethernet ports. SUUSI’s technology services staff has been working with WCU on connectivity issues; we have found WiFi service unreliable at times (summer is when they do a lot of maintenance on their systems). There are no phones in the rooms, so bring a cell phone and hope your carrier has coverage. In our experience the past two years, AT&T and Verizon work fairly well and other carriers are hit or miss. Cullowhee is fairly remote, which is awesome for getting away from it all with your SUUSI friends, since you might not have the level of connectivity you are used to.