Important Information re: Corona Virus

Dear SUUSI Community:
We are sure that many of you are following what is happening across the world with the COVID-19 Coronavirus.  There is little doubt that you are also speculating what may happen with SUUSI this summer as a result. As we modify our daily routines to distance ourselves from each other, we perhaps miss our interconnectedness and hope that we will be able to connect again soon.  Over the past few days we have read about the numerous colleges and universities that are moving to on-line classes to restrain the progression of the virus. Today, the UNC system, of which WCU is a part, announced its intention to implement a similar strategy. At this time, it is unknown if their policy will affect SUUSI.  Despite this, with SUUSI in July and registration over a month away (April 17), we, your SUUSI leadership, believe it is in SUUSI’s best interest to continue to assess the situation and to not make a formal decision right now. In the meantime, the SUUSI Board, Corestaff and WCU will be working together to determine the best course to meet the spiritual and health needs of our participants.  
WCU Coronavirus Information:
Yours in Community,
Jennifer Sanders
SUUSI Director
Wilson Farrell
SUUSI Board President

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