Jennifer, longtime SUUSI staffer

Jennifer, longtime SUUSI staffer

Jennifer has been coming to SUUSI since childhood. She’s held a variety of positions on SUUSI’s all-volunteer staff, most recently as the Registrar.

My typical SUUSI day begins early because I wake up so excited to be at SUUSI that I can’t sleep late. I’m often one of the first in line for breakfast and like to choose someone new to sit with if possible.

Most mornings are spent working in the SUUSI office with a morning or two reserved for workshops. Afternoons are reserved for naps because I know I’m going to want to stay up late.

Community time (if I’m awake by then) starts the evening off and lets me meet up with people heading into dinner. Early evening is a time for leisurely hanging out and talking with people – on the lawn, in a lounge or the hallway, on a balcony, or any place I can find someone. I head over to Serendipity for dancing around 11 pm and often help close it down at 1 am before heading to BBQuusi or to bed, to get ready for another day in paradise.

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