Last Chance for the SUUSI Store

WORKSHOP LEADERS & MUSICIANS! Please pick up your unsold items in the SUUSI Store before 6:30 this evening or between 9:30 AM and 2:00 PM tomorrow. Also, please do not remove your things without filling out your inventory form and giving it to a SUUSI Store staff person, or we will not be able to pay you for them. Thank you.

SUUSI Store Time is running out!!! Today is your LAST CHANCE to get those exclusive SUUSI logo items, the fantastic music of all of our talented musicians, great books to get you through to next year’s SUUSI, engaging activity books to keep the kids busy on the return trip, and perfect gifts for people back home! If you have anything on hold, you MUST pick it up by 6:30 today. The SUUSI Store will NOT be open for sales on Saturday.

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