Leaving Pair-a-Dice

Pair-A-Dice, the SUUSI Gaming Space, has been a great success filled with fun for all ages this year.  We had 290+ people register for Pair-A-Dice!  We had 160+ games in the lending library for people to check out.  

Congratulations to the following winners of our Pair-A-Dice tournaments:
Scrabble – Susan Stone
Ticket to Ride – Harrison Coleman
CLANK!  – Jonathon Downey 
Settlers of Cataan – TBD  (Tournament Thursday night at 7 p.m.)

If you have a completed SUUSI Card, please turn it in by Friday at noon.  The winner will be drawn from all the names on the completed cards.  Winner will be published in the last SUUSI NUUS, the SUUSI Friends Facebook group, and at the Game Table at the SUUSI Bookstore. 

Speaking of the SUUSI Bookstore… if you wanted to take a new game home with you, we have games for sale at the SUUSI Bookstore.  The more you buy here, the more you support SUUS (and the easier it is for Craig and Kimberley to pack the remaining games.)  

Pair-A-Dice will be closing at 10 p.m. on Friday night to give volunteers and staff a chance to pack it up.  If you have borrowed a game from the lending library, please return it by that time.  Thank you!  If you have feedback for us, please include it in your SUUSI evaluation.  A specific survey for all Pair-A-Dice registrants will be sent out in the coming month via email. Please respond to it and help us improve the SUUSI gaming experience.  

Many thanks to all the volunteers, the staff, the gamers, the game lenders, and everyone who made Pair-A-Dice a fun and exciting place to be at this SUUSI.  We’ll see you next year!  Game On!

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