Lend Your Talents to SUUSI 2018

Without our all-volunteer staff, SUUSI simply wouldn’t happen. Although many staffs are already full for SUUSI 2018, we’re still looking for some folks with specialized interests and skills.
Staffers receive credit towards their SUUSI registration and fees. You can apply for most of these positions in SOLIS, but some require email instead – check the listings carefully!
Thanks, and we hope to see you at SUUSI 2018!
Youth Music leader– Do you like to sing silly songs, play musical games, and basically make a joyful noise? We are looking for someone to lead music for our 0-10 year olds. Music is held Monday-Friday mornings. Please apply to SUUSI Youth staff!
TWOB (Teen Way Off Broadway) is looking for a choreographer to join our staff! An experienced dancer with a background in contemporary, modern, hip hop or other related dance styles is preferred.  Choreography is a full-time position, including choreographing two or three numbers in advance of SUUSI, then auditions, casting, and rehearsals all week. Please see the TWOB workshop description (#490) for scheduling. This is a fast paced and incredibly fun staff position, working with the greatest teens around. For more information, contact Lindsay and Daniel, TWOB Co-Directors, at twob@suusi.org
Up late? Have some food experience and know how to work a grill? Interested in getting some staff credit while helping a large part of the SUUSI community? BBQuusi is looking for a couple of people. If it’s something that interests you, please email Louie Whitfield for details: louie4@whitfieldfoods.com
Workshops is looking to hire 2 tech savvy people. In particular they should know how to resolve basic technical issues with connecting computers to projectors. The bulk of this work will be done on Monday but includes being on call for 1/2 of the rest of the week. There is scheduling flexibility beyond Monday. Contact the workshops coordinator Beth Nicholson at workshops@suusi.org to apply. 
The SUUSI Teen Program is hiring for SUUSI 2018. We’re looking for energetic individuals willing to help create a positive, safe space in the SUUSI teen dorm! We are particularly interested in people who have experience working with teens or can serve in a chaplain role. We staff our dorm 24 hours a day, so we can work with anyone’s schedule whether they be night owls or early birds! Come be a part of the magic and help build a community that will have a lasting impact on our teens’ lives. 
The Middlers staff needs one or probably two 3/4 or full time staffers. Qualifications are: must be happy to work with middle school kids, find them compelling and interesting. Also would be of great help if you have experience working with kids, especially in a camp or UU setting. Activities include drama, art, outside activities and nature.

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