Marcia, adult attendee

Marcia, adult attendee

As an older SUUSI attendee, I can truly say I attend for the music (and the wonderful people, whom I only get to see once a year, of course).  But the music truly feeds my soul.

During the day I can usually find at least one Workshop with a music theme. I also volunteer at the Community Table in Sylva on Tuesday and Thursday – I’ve done the community service project at SUUSI’s previous locations, too..

Then I spend my whole evening at Concert Hour and Cabaret listening to wonderful, talented folks.  Amy Carol Webb, Mindy Simmons, Brother Sun and Tret Fure are just a few of the regulars who keep calling me back.

I also have to add that it is a time when my same-sex wife and I can walk around holding hands, without fear of being chastised.  That’s a real bonus. We were married at SUUSI by Rev. Amy Carol Webb – absolutely incredible!

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