Medians (Over 21)

5 Young adults and Medians at a the welcome tableThe Median program was created as an age-inclusive extension of the Young Adult program. It is a space for people ages 21 and up who root their SUUSI experience in fellowship and shared experiences. It provides more extensive programming for adults and a sub-community where deeper relationships can be formed. A lot of programming goes late into the night to accommodate the many Medians who are night owls.

Over the last several years, Median workshops, nature activities, and late-night gatherings have developed a life of their own with events like BBQuusi, beer and homebrew tastings, alcohol-free social hour, and SUUSIToes. While many Median activities are open to the general SUUSI community, the Median Dorm has median-only spaces, workshops, and worship services as well.


There may be workshops and nature trips that are tagged as Median-led or Median-friendly. Median-led workshops are led by self-identified members of the Median community and are open to all SUUSI participants. Medians are encouraged to plan ahead and register for the same workshops and nature trips, so that we can participate together. We also have less formal activities including games, relationship building, and worship. When you arrive at Check-In, stop by the Median table and see all we have to offer, or suggest an activity that you’d like to make happen.

HousingImage of for people hugging

Medians will have their own section of an adult SUUSI dorm, near but separate from Young Adult housing. If you want to live in the Median space on campus, be certain to indicate Median housing when registering. Whether or not you live in Median housing, anyone over the age of 21 is welcome to attend Median activities.

Online Connections

The SUUSI Median community is active year-round on Facebook, with a closed group specifically for registered Medians or YAs only. If you would like to be invited, please email [email protected]

We also have a mailing list, which is the best way to find out important info. To sign up, go to: or just email [email protected]