Michael, adult attendee

Michael, adult attendee

As a young 50 something Adult I’m happy to share a typical day at SUUSI.

My days start as an early riser.  Sometimes I’ll take a walk around campus before the dining hall opens.  Once the dining hall opens I look forward to joining someone I know well or a new soon to be friend for the first meal of the day.

I really enjoy the worship services so most morning and evenings I attend.

Lunch and Dinner are great times to catch up with my Awesome Wife.

Normally I pick a morning or an afternoon workshop to enjoy as a participant.  One day each SUUSI is designated as the day where I get off campus and get energy from being in nature.

Since my passion is expressing my artistic creativity through Designs by Michael I will be in the Artisan’s Bazaar for some period of time in the morning or afternoon when I’m not in a workshop.

There are always ways to volunteer and  I’ve found giving my time to our community has brought strong relationships and opportunities.  When there is a blood drive I donate during SUUSI.

At least a few nights of the week I make it to a concert and I always go to TWOB on Friday evening.

It is a wonderful thing that I seem to need less sleep during SUUSI.  I attribute this to the many wonderful friends from past years and to looking forward to meeting new friends in our community.

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