Middlers (11-13)

4 white children sitting at a cafeteria table.The Middler Program recognizes the unique needs and abilities of youth ages 11 to 13. This age group is moving away from childhood and toward adolescence, with all the rights, privileges and responsibilities that that entails.

During our SUUSI week, we will create space and opportunities for each 11, 12, and 13 year-old to build community within their age group, with the Middlers as a whole, and with the larger SUUSI community. We will be looking at ways our UU principles and personal values shape our actions, and each child will meet with a small group within their age group on a daily basis (much like touch groups in the Teen program) to help ensure that each Middler has a rich SUUSI experience.

Middlers will enjoy a variety of activities, workshops, and trips. Each age group will have a unique art project that they will work on throughout the week. There will be a nature trip for the entire group as well as individual trips for each age group. There is no need to sign up separately for these trips; they are included when you register. Each child will be encouraged to pursue activities during SUUSI that will create a meaningful and fun experience.

Middler workshops are a time to be creative, make our own fun, and interact as a community. Every day we will have options such as outdoor sports, water games, indoor games, art, music and/or “nerd games according to Seth.” Unlike the Youth program, you will not need to sign up beforehand for most workshops. The only exception is Tie Dye for the 11s and 12s. Any 11s or 12s interested in Tie Dye must register before SUUSI by emailing [email protected]

Mandatory Meeting for Parents & 13 Year-Olds

We will have a mandatory meeting for all Middler parents and 13 year-olds on Sunday at 5pm.

This is an opportunity to hear more about the Middler program, get questions answered, and meet some of the staff working with your youth during the week. Please see this important information for all parents of Youth and Middlers on expectations for children and parents at SUUSI.

Middler Program Daily Schedule

Morning Programming              8:45am-noon

Afternoon Programming            2-4pm

Evening Programming                13 year-olds only, see information on Coming of Age Program.

Middlers may sign themselves in and out of programming with guardian permission. However, parents/guardians must make in-person contact with their child’s age group leader each morning at morning check-in.

Special Events of Note

Dance Party for Middlers – Wednesday 7-9pm. The Middlers program will staff the event but we would love some parent chaperones!

Closing Circle – Friday 2:15pm. Parents and friends are invited and encouraged to attend!

SUUSI Middler Staff

Our Middler staff has a wide variety of experience working with youth, and we are very excited to have each of them as part of this program. We all look forward to working with your children this year. Our emphasis will be on safety first, followed closely by fostering independence, community building, and, of course, fun. We have planned a lot of fabulous activities for the program, which we hope will help your children have a wonderful experience.

Questions? Prior to SUUSI, email Leslie Bennett, Middler Director, at [email protected]