Monday July 16th

Alerts & Deadlines
  • Mandatory Youth meeting 9:00 (after check in) in Killian. 
  • Reminder SUUSI’s child supervision rules!: Kids 13 and under must be supervised by parents or designated adult at all times, and youth/middler curfew is 9:30pm-6am. Reminder of the Youth/Middler Rules
  • Noise Travels! Keep in mind we are living in close proximity to each other this week, and people have a range of schedules (early morning/late nights). Please remember to keep voices (and feet!) down in residence halls, and remind children running up and down hallways can be disruptive and dangerous.
  • No smoking or vapping within 50ft of buildings. These are WCU rules. Signs have been posted around campus at past year smoking spots.
  • To participate in the baby dedication or share a photo for the in memorandum worship service, please contact Rev. Michael Tino ( via email, or leave a note for him at the SUUSI Office by Tuesday at 5pm.
  • Check the Daily NUUS for key announcements: Workshop location changes, updates on SUUSI events, etc. 
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Contact Information

Registrar/late arrival (Connie Moore): 540-226-5736

WCU on call (lockouts, plumbing): (828) 226-3292

Minister on Duty: 828-200-9114

Star Car: 828-200-1918

SUUSI Office: 828-565-2420

SUUSI Staff: Names and Emails

SOLIS (to manage registration):

List of Key Locations on GoogleMaps

Monday Schedule at a Glance

SUUSI Monday Schedule (July 16th)

Items marked with MANDATORY: {name of group} means the meeting is mandatory for those groups.

Week at a Glance

Event Time Location
Breakfast 6:30am – 9am Dining Hall
Morning Youth and Middler Programming 8:45am – 12pm Killian (Youth), University Center (Middler)
MANDATORY: Youth Parent Meeting 9:00-9:30am Killian
Morning Worship: Rev. Cynthia Landrum 9:00-9:45am Bardo

SUUSI Store open

9:30-6:30 Blue Ridge Conference Center

Artisans’ Bazaar open

9:30-6:30 2nd floor University Center
Morning Workshops 10am – 12pm Misc

Bookstore game demo: Quiddler

10-11am SUUSI Store, Blue Ridge Conference Center
Lunch 11am – 2pm Dining Hall
Afternoon Youth and Middler Programming 1:45pm – 4:15pm Killian (Youth), University Center (Middler)
Afternoon Workshops 2pm – 4pm Misc

Open game tournament: Quiddler

4-5pm Balsam Crossover Lounge
Community Time 4:30 – 6pm Community Plaza
SUUSI Store singing & signing: Kiya Heartwood 5:15-6:15pm SUUSI Store, Blue Ridge Conference Center
Dinner 5pm – 7:30pm Dining Hall
Evening Worship: Matt Meyer 7pm – 7:45pm Bardo
Concert HourAmy Carol Webb 8:15pm – 9:15pm Bardo

Serendipity Ballroom Hour: Smooth Ballroom

9:30pm – 10:30pm 3rd floor University Center

Serendipity: Black & White

10:30pm – 1am 3rd floor University Center

CACHE: Under the Sea

9:30pm – 1am Illusions Café, University Ctr
Common Ground Ca 24 hours 1st Floor Balsam
BBQuusi 1:30am – 3am Between Coulter and University Center
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