Nature Trips still open for 2018

Looking for a challenge that is rewarded by AMAZING views and UNIQUE natural formations? If so, Mt. Leconte is the trip for you! There is still time to sign up for Nature Trip #609- Mt. Leconte via Alum Cave Trail! 
Want to experience one of the most breathtaking views of the Blue Ridge Mountains? Looking Glass Rock Trip #610 is still open and ready for participants! You won’t want to miss this- the panoramic views at the top are to live for!
Have you ever experienced a Water Stomp? Well if you haven’t, SUUSI’s Nature Program is known for them and you are in luck! Our Graveyard Fields Water Stomp Trip #611 still has openings- you will experience bouldering, waterfalls, and team work. Don’t miss out!
Caving is still happening at SUUSI, what better way to start a week at SUUSI than to go caving and get filthy dirty! We need 5 more people to join trip #830 or Nature will have to cancel the trip.
Have you ever wanted to try Rock Climbing? Well, now’s the time! We have a very competent staff who can take even the most timid person up that rock wall! Nature needs more adventurous people to join Nature’s premier Adventure event, Rock Climbing #810.
Hanging out on land not really your thing? Three awesome Aquatics trips need more participants as well. Come and get wet with Nature:
#712-Duck the Tuck,
#702-Essentials of Canoe and 
#709-Intro to White Water Kayaking
Even if you’ve already completed your registration, you can add one or more of these trips in SOLIS.

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