New for 2020: Housing

One Child on Floor:
For many years, SUUSI policy has allowed up to 1 child on the floor per paid-for bed. However, this is in violation of fire safety at WCU, and therefore our policy will change to 1 child on the floor per room, NOT per bed. Families who need to sleep two children on the floor can request two linked single rooms when they register.
Teen Dorm: 
We expect the Teen Dorm will be moving into Balsam, and will consist of the 4th Floor of Balsam and the Cross Over lounge. This moves the Teens into air conditioned housing while still giving them a separate space. We expect all SUUSI participants to respect the sanctity of the floor and the lounge.
Young Adults:
The Young Adults will also move back into air conditioned housing. They will be in the Village, which is away from the center of campus. This move allows us to have all of our participants in air conditioning, something that has been requested in the survey for years. It also allows the Young Adults to have autonomy and independent spaces. However, due to the distance, we plan to offer additional transportation options back and forth to the main part of campus.

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