Midwinter NUUS 2021

Propose a Workshop in SOLIS

Sunday, January 31st is the deadline for submitting virtual workshop proposals for SUUSI 2021. We’re hoping to get several more proposals by then! Maybe… one from you? What do you know that other people should know? What would you like to discuss with the SUUSI-minded?
Discussion-based workshops are encouraged, of course, but remember that you're not limited to talk-only just because we're online. If you’d like to teach a craft or a cooking technique, you can send your participants an advance shopping list. You can even charge a fee for the workshop, send packages of materials to your participants, and have SUUSI reimburse you!
You don't need highly advanced tech skills to lead an online workshop. If you know how to turn your camera and mic on and off in Zoom and - for extra credit - how to hit the "start screensharing" button, you know enough Zoom to lead a SUUSI workshop.
Submit proposals (again, by midnight on Sunday, January 31st) by logging into your SOLIS account or clicking the button below.

Propose a Workshop in SOLIS

Apply for a Staff Position

Staff applications are now open for SUUSI 2021. SUUSI is an all-volunteer project, and the more hands we have involved, the better our programs and the stronger our community. Serving on staff is a great way to deepen your own connection to SUUSI, as well as creating a great experience for others. 
The Board has not yet voted on the cost model for SUUSI 2021, so we don’t have specifics about how staff credit will be handled. However, staff will receive some type of benefit or credit, in addition to a T-shirt and a lasting sense of well-being.
Apply for staff by logging into your SOLIS account

Nature in a Virtual Environment

Nature Staff has been brainstorming how to share our collective expertise in the outdoors in a way that is meaningful and engaging in a virtual world because we are so passionate about it. We will offer more of the share-and-tell experiences that we had last year, and if you were lucky enough to enjoy Ernie's wildflower "trip", you'll know to be excited that he's preparing even more for this year. We'll have information on mushrooms, plant identification, local-to-WCU hike documentations as well as out-of-the-area "trip" discussions, a discussion session on some South Carolina archeology work, a session on "A Natural High" ...and MORE! We can't wait to see you and learn about your experiences, too!

SUUSI Foundation

The SUUSI Foundation has some great news to announce! We have received a matching gift of up to $20,000. That means all donations received will be matched $1 for $1! We have a goal of raising a total of $40,000 and the SUUSI Board’s generous matching gift may help us get there this year, but we still need your help too.
You can make your gift stretch even further and donate today via the PayPal link on the SUUSI Foundation website. We all want to assure the existence and enhancement of SUUSI for future generations, so join our mission and give what you can. If you have any questions, email the SUUSI Foundation President, Annsley Van Buskirk, at president@thesuusifoundation.org
Thank you in advance for your generosity!
Annsley Van Buskirk
The SUUSI Foundation

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