2021 Board Candidates

We are pleased to announce that we have two adult candidates running for the elected seat on the SUUSI Board. Be an informed voter! Please attend the Candidate Forum on Wednesday from 6-7 pm to hear what they have to say. 

How to Vote: Log into your SOLIS account between the hours of 7am and 7pm on Thursday, July 22nd. On the home screen, under Today’s Schedule/All SUUSI Events, there will be a link for SUUSI Virtual Polling Place. Click on that link to select your candidate of choice and submit your vote. Each adult registrant with their own password will need to log in as themselves in order to vote. If any individual does not have a password, the primary registrant may vote on their behalf. Make yourself an “I voted” sticker and wear it proudly to all of your SUUSI events on Thursday!

SUUSI Board Candidate Bio: Susan Baylies

Susan Baylies picture

I have come to SUUSI most years since 1994. I feel lucky to have found this idealistic and supportive community, which has enriched me and so many others. I have led an assortment of SUUSI workshops, and done workshops for SUUSI Youth some years. I care deeply about building a just and loving community for all on Earth. 

In my little circle, I have been a Democratic precinct chair for 16 years, and co-leader of the CUUPs chapter at ERUUF in Durham NC, and a Wiccan circle before that. For my work, I have always been self-employed, first as an artist and craftsperson, making cards and then t-shirts as Snake and Snake Productions. In order to have more contact with a variety of people, I started a second business called Pathway to English, where I mostly  tutor Korean children. I designed and maintain the websites for both businesses.

I have stepped forward now to serve on the board, in part, because I was so moved by the new covenant presented at Ingathering. My fellowship, ERUUF, has been working on anti-racism initiatives for years now, but in the past year we have been reading and dialoguing much more to try to build a welcoming, beloved community. I was thrilled to see that the board is so actively engaged in moving SUUSI into a more inclusive future that welcomes BIPOC and people of all genders.

Secondly, I am shifting my businesses toward part time, so I can have the time and energy to give my insights, passion, and community skills to helping extend the legacy of SUUSI far beyond my time. Please accept my offer to serve by voting for Susan Baylies.

SUUSI Board Candidate Bio: Bethany Cecere

 Bethany Cecere picture

This year is my 21st SUUSI - it is my favorite intentional community/working vacation/friend-reunion/spiritual renewal! 

During my first year attending SUUSI, I volunteered to drive the Star Car. I was a young adult, and didn't know many people, including SUUSI-goers from my own church, and volunteering was a great way to learn the campus while meeting and helping people. In subsequent years, I signed up for a "more realistic number" of workshops, and added working in the SUUSI Store and leading various workshops to my SUUSI volunteering. 

For the last twelve years, I've served the SUUSI Community by leading the Artisans' Bazaar. In that time, the Bazaar has grown in many ways:

  •   we have nearly tripled the number of artists featured;
  •   we have a year-round Facebook community just for current and former SUUSI Artisans to talk about our projects and provide support to one another;
  •   we are open more than twice as many hours and added a Sunday night grand opening;
  •   we have increased income to artists and SUUSIships;
  •   we have more staffing;
  •   we also now are part of SUUSI Services, with a tie-in to Workshops for registration purposes. 

Each of these improvements have happened in discussion with the SUUSI Board or Core Staff. Within my tenure, we have also overcome a few last-minute struggles - most notably with location changes. 

In the other 51 weeks of the year, I work as an emergency operations officer. I can juggle multiple issues/tasks, and work well under pressure. I've worked on several projects with a variety of stakeholders, some quite contentious, where I've built consensus. Since 2013, I've chaired a non-profit group that holds an annual festival with an attendance of 2,500 people. I also volunteered in 2015 with a state-wide, non-profit organization to hold an event with international attendance of over 5,000 people. I've been a Coming of Age mentor, youth group advisor, Religious Education teacher for children and adults, stewardship co-chair, and chaperone for three Coming of Age trips to the UUA. I'm also a wife and billet (host) mom to two junior hockey players. 

In recent years, multiple people have asked me when I might do something else for SUUSI - in addition to leading the Artisans' Bazaar. Serving on the SUUSI Board seems like the best way to advance my giving to this beloved community. Please allow me to represent you on the SUUSI Board.

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