SUUSI 2019 Core Staff & Key Contacts


Role Name Email
SUUSI Director Jennifer Sanders
SUUSI Director Emerita Annsley Atkins
Assistant to the Director Erin MacPherson 
Communications Rebecca Wald
Housing Coordinator Michael Henry-Richardson
Locations & Equipment Chris Breivogel & Ron Echols
Medians Coordinator Kimber Dudley
Middlers (Ages 11–13) Leslie Bennett
Nature Amy Davis & Leah Davis
Newcomers Dianna MacPherson
Nightlife Mindy Simmons
Nurture (was Denominational Affairs) Jan Taddeo
Registrar Connie Moore
SOLIS (Online Registration System) Help
Sports & Games Leslie Freymann
SUUSI Services Alex Winner
Technology Services Alan Jackoway
Teens (Ages 14–17) Molly Ahearn & Amanda Howard
Workshops Beth Nicholson
Young Adults (Ages 18–25) Duncan Allen
Youth (Birth–Age 10) Maia Wells
Catalog Editor Michael Tino
2019 Logo Art David Snedden