Regarding George Floyd & Supporting Communities of Color

Dear Beloveds,

SUUSI’s mission is to provide a one-week experience evoking the best within us. Social media has reduced the distance between us for the other 51 weeks, allowing us to share the joy and the pain in our lives, in our country and in our world. What happens in those 51 weeks is part of what we bring to our SUUSI community.

We’re sure you are seeing the news of protests and uprisings occurring across the nation in response to the murder of George Floyd in Minneapoolis. Now more than ever, we who are white need to demonstrate ally behavior for our Black peers, UU or not. SUUSI is a community based in love and compassion. That compassion calls us to seek justice for our siblings of color. 

We must  listen and care for each other. Communities of color have long been speaking about the violence they experience from institutions that they should be able to trust, namely law enforcement and the criminal justice systems. They are fearful, grieving and angry. Decades of institutionalized racism and years of protesting peacefully with no significant change in their experience have contributed to the pain and oppression. We are called to prioritize the voices of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Color). 

We encourage you to take action.  There are many ways allies can support communities of color.

  • If you are able, donate to local Black led organizations and bail out funds. For more information on where to donate and other ways to help, visit-
  • Share and sign petitions and letters to officials.
  • Support Black, Brown and Indigenous leadership and businesses .
  • If you are attending Virtual SUUSI, there will be opportunities for all of us to take part in conversations about and provide feedback on our draft SUUSI Covenant which calls us to be our best selves and create the SUUSI community we aspire to be. 
  • Actively call out racism. People of Color are often expected to “deal with” microaggressions as well as blatant racist words and behaviors. We need to remember that racism is not just using violence and slurs. It’s also passive and consumes us whether we like it or not. We need to actively learn about the ways racism shows up in us, our communities, and organizations; we need to do and be better.

During our Virtual SUUSI the OASUUS space for People of Color/Indigenous will be available for our siblings of color to gather for their mutual support. The room is password protected, and People of Color/Indigenous will need to register for this space to receive the password. The room will be staffed by Rev. Duncan Teague.

This time is difficult for many reasons; please extend your hearts to each other.  

With sincere regards,

Your SUUSI Board and Core Staff

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