Rules for Teens (Age 14-17)

Excerpted from SUUSI Policy, Section 11


  1. No weapons, violence, or destructive behavior.
  2. No use or possession of alcohol, illegal drugs, or nicotine and tobacco products, and no misuse or abuse of legal drugs.
  3. There will be no leaving the teen dorm between 1 a.m. and 6 a.m. unless accompanied by your parent or guardian, or accompanied by Teen Staff for a pre-approved, scheduled activity. A pre-approved, scheduled activity is one that appears in the SUUSI brochure and/or confirmation newsletter and/or Sunday newsletter.
  4. Any violations of the SUUSI harassment policy as defined in may result in expulsion from the Teen program and SUUSI. The full wording of shall follow this rule when presented to teens and their parents or guardians for signature.
  5. Parent/guardian will be responsible for damages done to individual teen’s room.
  6. Parents/guardians will establish their own expectations for their teen and will maintain daily communication. Also, they will inform teen staff prior to removal of their teen from the campus.
  7. Sexual intercourse and patently sexual behavior between participants under 18 is prohibited at SUUSI. The Board recommends that parents/guardians of SUUSI teens discuss sexuality with their teen prior
    to SUUSI.
  8. The core staff member(s) in charge of teen programming will present policy changes regarding the rules for teens to the Board for approval on an annual basis or as needed.
  9. These rules apply to ALL teens, whether or not they reside in the teen dorm.