2018 Worship Themes

We have invited guest ministers to bring you a variety of worship experiences as each reflects on our SUUSI theme, The Light I Carry. We worship together Monday-Friday, in the morning from 9-9:45 and in the evening from 7-7:45.


image of a smiling white woman in a stole with a flaming chalice on it
Rev. Cynthia Landrum

Morning: Rev. Cynthia Landrum, “Of Lightsabers, Lanterns, and Lumos!”

In science fiction and fantasy, the light that is carried holds many purposes: to provide light, of course, but also to ward off evil, or even to fight it directly. In Unitarian Universalism, we talk often of the fire of commitment, but how do we take our light even further?

Cindy is the minister of the Universalist Unitarian Church of East Liberty in Clarklake, Michigan, and an artist (you can find her works in the Artisans’ Bazaar). She is also a big nerd, and you’ll likely find her this week playing board games in Pair-a-Dice.

image of a smiling white man with his arms folded on a hand drum
Matt Meyer

Evening: Matt Meyer, “Love the Hell Out of This World”

When the culture around us doesn’t encourage us to our best selves, how do we model the kind of world we want to live in? Matt will reflect on the good and bad of middle school, the time he picked the very best costume for a high-stakes 5th grade costume party, and how we find the skills for beloved community.

Matt is a musician and community organizer who has led hundreds of services for UU congregations across the country. He has a degree in hand drumming and has studied abroad in Cuba, Ghana and Central America. Matt serves as Director of Community Life for Sanctuary Boston and is a founding resident of the Lucy Stone Cooperative in Roxbury.



image of two smiling men, one white and one African-American, with their arms around each other and the text "Deeper than Skin."Morning: Greg Greenway & Reggie Harris, “Deeper Than Skin”

SUUSI 2018 offers the unique opportunity to join Greg and Reggie in their groundbreaking work on race, relationship, faith, love and justice, Deeper Than Skin. Directly following this morning’s service, join Greg and Reggie for their extended 5-day SUUSI workshop program, free to the SUUSI community, for this work our world needs more urgently than ever in our own time. “’Deeper Than Skin’ is an absolutely amazing experience. If you are anywhere within reach of this, don’t miss it.” says Selma Civil Rights activist and author, Rev. Gordon Gibson.

Reggie is the Music Education Director of the Living Legacy Project of the UUA. He is a Woodrow Wilson Scholar and has led hundreds of programs on race and social justice both solo and in the duo, Kim & Reggie Harris. Greg Greenway, one third of Brother Sun, was a part of the planning committee, with Reggie, of Marching in the Arc of Justice, the UU conference commemorating the 50 th anniversary of the Selma Voting Rights Action. As they reach across the racial divide, they encourage others to foster the relationships that are, in the end, a path to healing.

Evening: TBD


image of a smiling white man and woman on the beach, arms around each other
Rev. Craig Schwalenberg & Cheryl DeDecker

Morning: Rev. Craig Schwalenberg & Cheryl DeDecker, “LIGHT IT UP!”

LIGHT IT UP! Within each of us lies an ember- waiting to be a spark- to become a flame- growing to a fire- hoping to spread beyond- shining the light of truth- transforming the world. Within you lies an ember…

Rev. Craig Schwalenberg serves as minister to the UU Society of Oneonta, NY. Cheryl DeDecker is a board certified hypnotist. Together, they share a love of games and a commitment to the spiritual practice of hospitality. They also co-write the blog “Nurturing Harmony; Tending to Spirit.”

image of five teens, two boys and three girls, clustered togetherEvening: Teen-Led Worship

All are welcome for our annual Teen-Led service, dreamed, created and offered to our Beloved SUUSI Community in their own unique words, ways, and wisdom. Ever new and rich with myriad perspectives, this service is a favorite every time!


image of a smiling white woman with glasses
Rev. Meg Barnhouse

Morning: Rev. Meg Barnhouse, “Be The Spark”

“Be the Spark!” With a flame at the center of our faith, how can we add to its warmth and light? How can we be encouraging to one another, courageous in the living of our UU values, and act as living blessings in our communities?

Rev. Meg Barnhouse is the Senior Minister of the First UU Church of Austin, Texas.
She and her wife, singer-songwriter (and UU seminarian) Kiya Heartwood have a family that includes two handsome grown sons and their wonderful wives, two small grandchildren, a few cats and some chickens. Meg is known as a speaker and a writer, whose columns regularly appear in the UU World online and in Quest, the publication of the CLF.


image of a smiling white woman with glasses
Rev. Dawn Skjei Cooley

Evening: Rev. Dawn Skjei Cooley, Cycle of Life Celebration

Our annual Cycle of Life Celebration service honors the transitions of our lives. New babies are dedicated, the past year’s deaths in our SUUSI family are recognized, and we honor the transition of our 17-year-olds from the Teen community to the Young Adults.

Dawn Skjei Cooley and is a Unitarian Universalist minister currently serving as Congregational Life Staff for the Southern Region of the Unitarian Universalist Association.  Previously, she served as the minister of First Unitarian Church in Louisville, KY. Dawn is the proud mother of two extraordinary kiddos with a wonderful and supportive spouse. Oh, and she used to play roller derby with the Derby City Roller Girls until life got just too full to do it all. She grew up in the Washington, DC area, then came to Louisville most recently from the upper Midwest, where where she had spent the previous ten years; particularly Minneapolis, MN with an internship year in Ames/Des Moines, Iowa.


Morning: TBD

image of a tree distorted by a fish-eye lensEvening: Earth-Centered Worship
Our annual Earth Centered worship draws upon the Primal Religions throughout the ages to call in the Blessed all around us to join together elders, practitioners, and the curious alike. This service is held outdoors (weather permitting) adjacent to Bardo Theater. Watch your SUUSI NUUS for info on site.