Sports & Games

image of canoes in a swimming pool. Canoers splash water on each other with buckets, as one canoe tips over.At SUUSI, we take play very seriously. The Sports and Games program offers people of all ages and ability levels opportunities to join in joyful organized play. 

  • New to SUUSI and want to meet people? Check out the Initiative Games offerings.
  • Looking to exercise your brain and learn something new? Check out bridge and/or cribbage for beginners, or come to trivia night.
  • Need to get your body moving but can’t get motivated to get out of bed? Sign up for the morning walking group.
  • Want to do something active with your kids? We’ve got lots of family-friendly options. Play soccer, kickball, or volleyball, join in the Nerf battle, or participate in the long-time SUUSI tradition of the Fun Run.
  • Looking for something spontaneous? Stop by Community Time to join in contests for Frisbee-throwing, soccer ball juggling, or limbo.
  • Feeling the need for competitive athletics? Join us as we compete against our arch-rivals, the WCU conference staff, in inner-tube water polo and volleyball.
  • Want an exciting mental challenge? Check out the escape room!
  • Sports & Games just not your thing but you love watching others participate? Come cheer for your SUUSI friends at the evening water sports and volleyball games.

The Sports and Games program also sponsors Pair-a-Dice, SUUSI’s popular board game lounge. Click here for more information, including this year’s schedule of demos and tournaments.

If you have an idea or suggestion for something we should add? Please email us at [email protected]