Pair A Dice (play on word paradise)Get your ticket to Pair-a-Dice! The SUUSI game lounge has a lending library of more than 100 board and card games. Drop in to play a quick game, or stay all day and into the night. You may also check out a game and bring it back to your dorm to play there. Each day of SUUSI, Pair-a-Dice will have daily themes, tournaments, demos, and prizes! Meet new people and learn new games. We encourage you to bring games of your own as well.

Pair-a-Dice is open from 10am to 1:30am M-F (adults only after 11:30pm). All ages and abilities are welcomed. Children 12 and under are admitted free but need to register and attend with a responsible and registered adult. Registration for Pair-a-Dice wins you a sticker that allows unlimited entry. You can get your sticker at the Sports & Games table at check-in or at the door when Pair-a-Dice opens on Monday. Since registration is unlimited, you may sign up for entry at any point during the week in the SUUSI office. Registered participants will also get their own SUUSI Sneaky Cards so they can become secret agents of joy.

This year’s schedule of demos and tournaments is as follows:

Day Theme Bookstore Demo 10am Open Tournament 4-5pm Pre-registered Tournaments 7-10pm
Monday Word! Quiddler Quiddler Scrabble (#995)
Tuesday Family Fun Happy Salmon Exploding Kittens Ticket to Ride (#996)
Wednesday Here There Be Dragons Tsuro Tsuro Clank X 3 (#997)
Thursday Across the Sea Lost Cities Lost Cities Settlers of Catan (#998)
Friday Cooperatively Forbidden Island    

Additional demos available at Pair-a-Dice: Exploding Kittens, Munchkin, Splendor, Betrayal at the House on the Hill, Ticket to Ride, Clank! & Clank in Space, Settlers of Catan, Mysterium, and more.