SUUSI 2020 Cancelled

Dear Beloved SUUSI Community,
First and foremost, we hope that you and your loved ones are safe and healthy. We know that some of our community have fallen ill with COVID 19 and we hold them in love, hoping for a swift recovery.
The SUUSI Board and Core Staff have been monitoring the situation daily. We don’t know what the future holds. However, one thing has become clear – we will not be gathering together physically for SUUSI 2020. My heart aches as I write this and I know that your heart aches as well. 
Western Carolina University has said there will be no summer camps or conferences and this includes SUUSI. However, even if they had allowed us to gather, it would not have been safe, and your safety is our top priority. Prior to WCU’s decision, we had heard from several of you expressing that you would not be able to attend if SUUSI went forward, and we realized that attendance would have been significantly low.  A decision to keep SUUSI for 2020 would have felt exclusionary and counter to our community values. We will miss you so very much, but we have hope – SUUSI 2021 is our promise to each other.
Our community is strong and though we cannot gather physically, the Core Staff is working out how to gather virtually. We are already dreaming of ways we can bring SUUSI into our homes this July. Meanwhile, we encourage you to email, call, text, video chat with your SUUSI family. Reach out to each other. 
With much love for all of you,
Jennifer Sanders
SUUSI Director
Amy Davis
SUUSI Director Elect
Wilson Farrell
SUUSI Board President

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