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SUUSI is an intentional community, a family vacation, a fun summer camp for grownups, a religious retreat, a mountain adventure, a music festival. SUUSI can be any or all of these things, depending on what you’re looking for and what feeds your spirit.

SUUSI can be different things to different people in your family. Maybe you like to get up at dawn for a strenuous hike, but your partner is more of a late-night cupcake maker. Maybe your kids like to play hard outdoors all day, but you’d rather make art or meditate. SUUSI lets families be on the same vacation but following different paths… until it’s time for everyone to meet up for a concert, a board game, or a worship service.

Find out more about the many sides of SUUSI…

Spiritual life at SUUSI includes two worship services a day led by inspiring Unitarian-Universalist ministers and musicians. But that’s not how everyone chooses to feed their spirit. You might take a class in yoga or meditation, or join a workshop with intellectual religious discussion. You might have quiet late-night talks about the meaning of life in a dorm lounge with new friends. You might find spiritual refreshment at the top of a mountain after a hike. Or your soul might be satisfied volunteering in the Community Garden, helping to provide fresh food for local residents.

image of a group of young people in bathing suits at the base of a waterfallNature trips are an essential part of SUUSI for many. Western Carolina University is located in the heart of the Great Smoky Mountains, and opportunities for hiking, biking, canoeing, kayaking, and climbing are all around us. Your experienced and knowledgeable SUUSI Nature staff can teach you new skills or enhance your knowledge of the natural world. Trips are offered for all interests and ability levels.

Workshops at SUUSI come in all varieties: serious, silly, intellectual, emotional, artistic, logical, active, meditative. Taste wines, chocolates, or teas; learn to crochet or paint with alcohol inks; explore geology, politics, or forensic science; practice tai chi, folk dance, or improv exercises. Take a deep dive into one subject or a bouquet of many.


Music weaves through almost every aspect of SUUSI life. Concerts bring nationally touring musicians to the SUUSI stage, but that’s only the beginning. We have music at worship and music for the young children in the Youth program. Cabaret offers a wide variety of performances from professional musicians and talented amateurs. You can join SUUSI’s pickup choir, The Big Sing, or play in the folk orchestra. Grab the spotlight at the Community Time open mic or participate in song circles until the wee hours in the Common Ground Cafe.



Sports and Games is your outlet for cooperative or friendly-competitive organized play. Each year we challenge our arch-rivals on the WCU Conference Staff to games of inner tube water polo or volleyball. We play Frisbee golf and juggle soccer balls, have tournaments in tennis and Ping-Pong, gather for bridge and Texas Hold ‘Em, and play every imaginable board game in the Pair-a-Dice game room. There’s something for every age and ability.

Family and intergenerational programs are central to SUUSI’s mission. SUUSI offers fun, supportive, nurturing programs for children and teens of all ages, as well as countless opportunities for interaction across generations. Bring your parents and your children to the teen-led worship on Wednesday night. Sign up your siblings and cousins for a tubing trip down the Little Tennessee River. Volunteer to sing to babies in the nursery or to pass out sno-cones at Community Time. 


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