Questions You Might Have About SUUSI

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When is SUUSI? Each year, SUUSI is held in the third full week of July. In 2018, those dates are July 15-21. In 2019, the dates will probably be July 21-27.

Where is SUUSI? We meet on the campus of Western Carolina University in beautiful Cullowhee, North Carolina. SUUSI is nestled in the Great Smoky Mountains.

What are the living arrangements? We sleep in college dorms and eat in the college dining hall. You’ll either have a private bath (double rooms) or share a bath with one other person (single rooms). All dorms are air conditioned except for the Teen Dorm. College accommodations are pretty basic, so think about what you can bring to make your room more comfortable. Folding camp chairs and soft mattress toppers are particularly popular. The dining hall has stations for homestyle food, pizza, grilled items, and international cuisine, with vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options at every meal.

Do I have to be religious? Most people at SUUSI identify as Unitarian-Universalists, and about 80% are affiliated with a congregation. Within that umbrella, you’ll find that people have a wide range of beliefs and express their beliefs in diverse ways. Humanists and atheists will find themselves in good company at SUUSI. It’s not considered particularly odd to never attend worship services, and it’s not considered particularly odd to attend every worship service. If you find yourself in general agreement with UU Principles, we expect you’ll feel at home at SUUSI.

Will I still have fun if I don’t know anyone? The average SUUSI has about 200 newcomers, so there will be plenty of other people in the same boat. Most newcomers report that the first day or two can be overwhelming, but that they feel highly welcomed and comfortable by mid-week. Check the Newcomers page for more information about programs to help you get settled in and make connections. 

 How is SUUSI run? SUUSI has an all-volunteer staff who are paid in credit towards their SUUSI expenses rather than in money. Even our Director receives no salary for her services. SUUSI would not be possible without hundreds of people giving hundreds of hours of their time to make it happen! We encourage you to volunteer while you are at SUUSI, because helping to build SUUSI can deeply enrich your experience and the experience of others.

How much does it cost? If you register by May 23, adult registration is $550. This covers air-conditioned housing, meals, and all free SUUSI activities, such as worship, Community Time, concerts, and nightlife activities. To make SUUSI more affordable for families, children under 13 can sleep on the floor of your dorm room without incurring extra housing costs. Here are the current prices for SUUSI. Financial assistance (called a SUUSIship) is available.

What can I do if I have a problem at SUUSI? For logistical problems, general confusion, or uncertainty about how to settle in, drop by the SUUSI Office or give them a call. For pastoral needs and difficult interpersonal issues, contact the Minister of the Day. During SUUSI, both of these phone numbers will be printed in the daily NUUS and posted at the top of the website.

How can I learn more? Browse the rest of this website using the menu bars at the top to navigate. You’ll be able to find out more details about our different age-specific programs and the offerings for various interest groups. If you’re reading this after March 1st, the Catalog is available! Here you’ll find detailed listings of all the workshops, nature trips, and sports & games activities offered, as well as this year’s schedule for worship services and concerts.

Our Newcomer Coordinator would love to answer any questions you might have about SUUSI and how it works. Email her at with your questions and concerns.

How do I sign up? We’d love to have you! Here are some suggested next steps:

We look forward to seeing you at SUUSI 2018!

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