SUUSIships are SUUSI’s scholarships for people who need financial assistance. SUUSIship funds are available through the generous donations of the SUUSI community. In exchange for financial assistance, recipients perform volunteer service while at SUUSI (parents generally complete this service for their children).

Priority for SUUSIships is given to newcomers, families with children or teens, young adults, and people of color. Priority is also given to applicants who apply early, so if you know that you will need a SUUSIship it’s a good idea to apply in the first few weeks that registration is open.

To apply, complete your SUUSI registration via SOLIS, and when you get to the payment section, indicate that you are applying for a SUUSIship. You will then receive a link to complete a SUUSIship application.

There will be up to three rounds of SUUSIship awards. The first round of awards will be given out in early May for applications completed by April 23. The second round will be given out in early June for applications completed by May 23. If there are any SUUSIship funds remaining, a third round will be given out in early July for applications completed by June 23.

Note that any items you mail in (the 1st page of your 1040 tax return is required) must be received by the deadline or your application will not be considered until the next round. All applications are kept strictly confidential.

Questions? Email our SUUSIships coordinator, Jimmy Van Buskirk, at [email protected] .