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What is SUUSI? 

SUUSI is the Southeast Unitarian Universalist Summer Institute, an  intentional community of UUs and kindred spirits. For over 65 years we have come together for a week in July to explore our interconnectedness, delight in the outdoors, enjoy music and learn new ways of seeing our world and each other.


SUUSI is a place where I am free to be me without judgment.

Image of young girl dancing and singing.
People on Swag Mountain

It was my first SUUSI, but it didn’t feel that way. Everyone was very welcoming and it was like I had known them for years. We all become happier, more open people within this week… I think having this community of like-minded people around really encourages me to be a better person.

SUUSI evokes feelings of love, peace, and a sense of inter-connectedness for me. This happens because of the wonderful people I see, meet, and talk to, the music that speaks of our better selves, and the outstanding worship services.

Image of a white minister on a stage.

I enjoyed the chance to interact and be with people who believed in the divine within; who were committed to love and the greater good in community.

I feel like SUUSI is my vaccine against the negativity in the world. It recharges me to come “home” to 1200 accepting, loving, and welcoming people where my family is honored. The connections with other people feed my soul and it makes the world seem a little smaller.

The feelings of love, caring, value and worth so prevalent all week make me want to go forth and spread this abundance.

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