Virtual SUUSI 2020 is Coming Soon!

A message from the Director:

The Core Staff and Board invite you to connect with each other and recharge your spirits with Virtual SUUSI 2020: Kaleidoscope!
While we are still deeply saddened about not being together physically this summer, we want to remain connected virtually. Come explore ways to stay in community, to create new connections, and deepen your ties to SUUSI and each other.
We don’t have all the details for you yet – when Registration will open or close, exactly which programs or activities will be available, or which technology we’ll use when we gather. We do know that we’re expecting to include elements from all the usual programming areas. We can also promise that there will be no charge to attend Virtual SUUSI.
Thanks for all the love and support you’ve shown us and each other over the past few months.
Jennifer Sanders
SUUSI Director 2020


What we Know So Far:


Virtual SUUSI will happen from July 18-25, the same week we planned for in-person SUUSI. Have you ever wanted SUUSI to be longer? This year everyone is Early Arrival! We will officially start SUUSI on Saturday, July 18. (Or earlier – there will be a preview/dress rehearsal event on Friday evening to help everyone figure out the tech.)


We’re still building our scaled-down schedule. You can expect worship, concert hour, age group programming, workshops, sports and games activities, small group discussions, nature experiences, cabaret, and even a dance option. We’ll have virtual versions of our sacred SUUSI traditions, including ingathering, the Transitions worship service, Teen Way Off Broadway, and closing circle.
Teens should know that we’re planning to have teen touch groups, as well as other key teen programs like coffeehouse, TWOB, and bridging.
Middlers can expect special Coming of Age activities for 13-year-olds, plus a Middler dance and some virtual activities we call Options.
How Much?
There will be no charge to attend Virtual SUUSI 2020 – not even for workshops. Your staff are all donating their time. Nonetheless, SUUSI will have expenses this year, and there will be opportunities for you to donate to cover those costs. We are hopeful that the generosity of our community will more than cover these expenses, and the Board will be able to dedicate funds to other causes. We are keenly aware of the impact that COVID-19 has had on our SUUSI community and the greater WCU and Sylva communities to which we are so closely tied. Beyond our traditional SUUSIship and Endowment fundraising efforts, we feel there are opportunities to assist those communities while the crisis continues.
Although you won’t be able to browse the SUUSI store this year, we know that it’s not really SUUSI without a t-shirt. We’ll have SUUSI 2020 t-shirts and magnets advertising SUUSI 2021, available to order in SOLIS for a small fee to cover production and shipping charges.
You, we hope. All members of the SUUSI community are welcome. If work demands or poor health have kept you from in-person SUUSI in recent years, we’re excited to offer you this virtual option to re-join our gathering.
You’ll register in SOLIS, just like you always do. We will use a stand-alone app as our Virtual Campus during SUUSI week. Specific details will follow later, but rest assured that we are working to make access to Virtual SUUSI as smooth and user-friendly as possible. You’ll be able to participate from your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

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  1. Just got an e-mail from Whova to download some kind of phone app. I don’t have a smart phone; I suggest you also send out a link for the Web app.



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