Virtual SUUSI Quick Reference Guide

To attend Virtual SUUSI, you must have registered in SOLIS by 6pm Eastern on Friday, July 17th.

How do I get to SUUSI? All SUUSI 2020 events are accessed through an online platform called Whova, which you can access either by downloading the app for your smartphone or tablet, or by using a web link. You will need to make a Whova account using the same address you used in SOLIS.
There are two ways to access Whova:

On your first visit to Whova you will be asked to create an account. You must use the same email you used in SOLIS. Do not select the button for logging in through Facebook or another social media platform. When you create an account, you will be asked to make up a password.

How do I use Whova? There are detailed instructions in the Confirmation NUUS. You’ll see screenshots and written directions for the most important features.
What’s happening when? The easiest way to access the schedule is through Whova, but if you’d like a big-picture overview, you can also view it here.
If you’ve attended SUUSI before, you may be expecting Ingathering on Sunday night. But this year you get an extra day of SUUSI! Ingathering will be held on Saturday at 7:30pm. And be aware that some activities happen even before Ingathering starts on Saturday night. 
How do I attend activities? You will always start getting to a SUUSI event with the Whova app. There are complete instructions in the Confirmation NUUS . You do not need to be registered in advance for all-SUUSI activities like worship, concerts, Cabaret, nightlife, and Community Time. Just click the link for the activity in the Whova agenda.
Where is the Zoom password for my event? Looking for the password to the workshop you pre-registered for or for your child’s event? You should receive an email from SOLIS the night before each event with the links and passwords.
As a backup, SOLIS also shows links and passwords to the events you are signed up for. Log into SOLIS and hit Your Active Registration at the top. These passwords are not visible in Whova, so you need to get them from SOLIS (or your SOLIS emails) to get in.
I missed an edition of the SUUSI NUUSYou should be getting the NUUS in your email inbox – it’s chock full of event descriptions, announcements, and help. If you’ve missed an edition, click here to read it:
Confirmation NUUS (includes Whova tutorial)
Arrival NUUS Friday July 17
How can I find the Artisans’ Bazaar? Looking for the Artisans’ Bazaar, where you can buy beautiful items handmade by SUUSI crafters? It’s hosted on Facebook: Find it here.
Who’s playing at Cabaret on Thursday? Virtual SUUSI Cabaret schedule
Want to find out more about Whova, perhaps because you’re planning your own camp or event? They’ve been great to work with. Learn more here.

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    • Hi Molly! I hope you figured out by now that Showcase of the Stars doesn’t require a password. We decided to open it up for unlimited attendance, so you can just attend via the Whova link.

  1. I have no audio on tonight’s zoom concert at 7:30 (Bob & Shannon). I had NO trouble last night with Aidan & Christine’s — on the same device. Any thoughts?


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