Enrich your SUUSI experience with volunteering! Our dedicated staff work hard all week and receive no pay for what they do. But besides our many staffers, volunteers pitch in all week long, from the wonderful madness of Registration and moving into the dorms, to driving the Star Cars, to breaking down sets after TWOB or helping with move-out at the end.  Volunteers make all the difference. Contact us for more information about volunteering at SUUSI.

But you don’t need to wait for a formal invitation! If you see a need, step right in and help. It’s about lugging and tugging our equipment and chairs for workshops and Cabaret, carrying those canoes on nature trips, or carrying a tray in the dining hall for someone who needs extra help. Keep the SUUSI spirit alive by volunteering during the week and by showing your appreciation for staffers and volunteers who are working so hard to make SUUSI happen.

In addition to the volunteer work we do for SUUSI, we also our time and energy to support the community that hosts SUUSI and the Smoky Mountain landscape we appreciate so much. In 2018 we are fortunate to once again be working with Community Table, Cullowhee’s local soup kitchen and food pantry. Check the catalog and the NUUS for information about opportunities to donate time and money. We also have opportunities to volunteer in the Cullowhee Community Garden, which helps provide local, healthy, organic food to the local community. Our Teens are especially invited to participate in the gardening project. Finally, we will be working with the local Nature Conservancy to help clean and repair trails in the Silver Run Preserve. This volunteer opportunity can be found in the Nature Trips section of the catalog.