Image of a white girl age 11, eating a bowl of cereal

Alexandra, age 11

A day in the life of an 11-year-old at SUUSI:
I sleep on an air mattress on the floor of my parent’s room. When my day starts, I wake up and get dressed. We go to the dining hall for breakfast and I sit and chat with my friends. Note: I get to have sugary cereal and donuts for breakfast, because my parents always say “SUUSI comes but once a year.”
After breakfast, I go to the 11’s room in the Middlers program. In the morning we do an activity just with our own age group, like creekwalking or drama games.
At lunchtime, I check myself out and walk to lunch. I eat with my friends and we head back to the Middler program. There I sign up for an afternoon activity, like “nerd games” or outdoor games. Afternoon activities can be with any age of Middlers, 11 to 13.
After afternoon activities, we go to Community Time, which is where everyone hangs out in the middle of campus. There are tents with games and stuff in them, and fun stuff like water guns and tug-of-war. From Community Time, we go to dinner and I eat with my friends.
Then my friends and I mess around in the dorm, like we might go up to the lounge and play Werewolf, which is a really fun card game. Then I go to bed.